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As honey is such a natural product that doesn’t require processing and contains natural antibiotics, I perhaps a little naively thought that the honey in supermarkets would have to be pure. Turns out I was wrong. You just can’t take anything for granted in this world. Even something as natural and pure as honey is processed until it is no longer what it used to be.

One question that I couldn’t shake from my head was why producers would spend money to destroy a natural product when it would cost them less to leave it alone. The love of money is the root of all evil, so this threw me for a while because it was costing these companies money to destroy the honey before they dumped it on our supermarket shelves.

Recent surveys and testing has found  that around 75% of all honey sold in supermarkets had all pollen removed, while 100% of honey packaged in small individual portions had all the pollen removed.

Any honey that has been filtered to remove all its pollen is no longer honey. But why? Why go to all this trouble when it would be cheaper to sell it as a natural product? The fact that pollen is removed by honey packers seems ridiculously bizarre considering that it costs money and reduces quality.

Well, it is about the money. Honey that has had its pollen removed cannot be traced to its source, and almost all of it comes from communist countries like China. Not only has the pollen been removed, it has also been processed and contaminated with chloramphenicol and other dangerous animal antibiotics.

Big name supermarkets simply do not want pollen in any of their honey products to hide where they are getting it from. Cheap Chinese imported laundered honey makes them more money. The fact that we’re being poisoned in the process doesn’t concern them. All they care about is profit. That’s their bottom line.

1 Timothy 6:10a
For the love of money is the root of all evil.

Further research will also reveal that removing the pollen is not only done to hide country of origin, but also in many cases to cover the fact that it is not even honey at all, and has in fact never been near a bee as it has been produced on an industrial scale in massive stainless steel vats from corn syrup. Most imported honeys also contain antibiotics which is insane because honey bees make their own natural antibiotics and have been doing so for thousands of years.

When you consider that the communists want us dead, and that most of our politicians are communists hiding behind trite labels such as democrats, republicans, conservatives and socialists, and that they are responsible for dismantling our trade laws to allow such filth from China and other communist countries to freely flow here, it doesn’t take much to see through the world for what it really is.

Real honey is available. Yes, it’s more expensive than you would pay in the supermarkets, but is that so surprising? Why not raise your believing and trust God to supply your need? Do you think the true God wants you eating shit when good food is available? Raise your believing and take better care of your diet. There are local beekeepers in most parts of the world producing real honey. Do yourself a favour and buy some proper food.

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