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Bridge of Rhemullen broch

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Near the Bridge of Rhemullen is a grassy knoll on which stand the foundations and ruins of a number of complex stone structures. Stones and slabs protruding from the ground suggest a galleried structure. At the edge of the grassy knoll is an exposed wall about 4 ft in height which suggests a broch, and a 1968 description strongly suggests that this was in fact a broch site. Standing back and looking at the ruins, one can only surmise a broch tower could have supplied sufficient stone for all the many extensions built onto and around the original site. As the site is in close proximity to the Dunbrae broch, it is likely the two were built together to defend a large community during the Roman occupation of England.

There is no public access to the site, and on no account should you enter the farm without the farmer's express prior permission. The broch is situated in a field with livestock, so you must have permission. Obviously, ensure all gates are left closed if permission is kindly granted, and don't wander around the farm itself.

Reproduced by permission of Ordnance Survey on behalf of HMSO. © Crown Copyright. All rights reserved.


Disclaimer: Some brochs were built with military defensive purpose, and as such can be situated in extremely dangerous areas, such as on the edge of cliffs and ravines. Additionally, these are Iron Age structures, most of them in ruins, and they are extremely hazardous, with crumbling stone walls and hidden chambers. Existing walls, lintels, and passages could collapse at any time. The information here is provided free but it is your responsibility to ensure its accuracy, ensure your own safety, and acquire permissions for access where necessary. Accessing brochs is done entirely at your own risk.

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