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  1. Todd

    The Skribblerz Stones 6

    You guys stop building? Or do you have a secret forum now?
  2. Todd

    The Skribblerz Stones 6

    You guys go ahead with this one. I'm going to put all my effort into JR. Have fun guys!! But I do have an idea for something once JR and any other projects are out of the way.
  3. Todd

    The Skribblerz Stones 6

    Looking real good guys!! I quit my job ! All work and no play makes Todd a dull boy!!
  4. Todd

    Oak Island II

    I'm still around just been busy as of late. Nothing to worry about.
  5. Todd

    George's JR6 level

    The beams look fine in the screen. Isn't there a script that fixes that?
  6. Todd

    Oak Island II

    Very colorful. Looking good!!
  7. Todd


    Jesus Christ will return with a shout, and with the trump of God. What is the US Presidents name? Donald "Trump". We might be closer than we think!! All of us. No matter where we are on earth, we will all hear this shout, we will all hear the trump of God. I'm paying attention!!
  8. Todd

    Playable native girl

    Nice to see you Aza.
  9. Todd

    Playable native girl

    There are two other playable characters she made for JR6 also. The Hag is playable also. The native girl is an early version. She looks a lot better now!!
  10. Todd

    Playable native girl

    Yea I know she is awesome!! We also have the twin native and hag that is playable also.Plus Lara .
  11. Todd

    Playable native girl

    She has been updated since this screen. She has a fully working dart gun and a crossbow.
  12. This is the playable version of the native girl.