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  1. Of course you can, it is an object taken from one of the original TR games, TR3 Highland Fling, so use it as much as you like. I just like it because it's Scottish
  2. Amazing how half an hour a day, every day, gets you through a project. I rarely do more than half an hour a day until it gets to the alpha testing stages. That's when a game becomes work intensive. It ratchets up another notch for beta testing.
  3. Wee update, well a big update I've just tested the third level right through, and managed to hit the finish trigger on my 4th attempt. It's taken all day, but I've just level jumped to the 4th level, which was my Skribbz Stones level, and the jump worked flawlessly. I'm really really really HAPPY with how this one is coming together and how it plays. I'll run through level 4 tomorrow as the audio will need changing, and then it will be on with level 5.
  4. Here is an excerpt from my book, Walking by the Spirit, chapter 59, entitled Money. This week I received new credit cards through the post, which replace my old credit cards. These new cards are what they call 'contactless', in other words, they are scanned without being touched by anything or anyone. The next step is to get these things under human skin. They already have the technology in place and working which the bible prophesied of 2000 years ago.
  5. I can add mine to the imprisoned Spirits game I'm working on, it would make a fine 4th level for it. Pity really, I was quite excited about this project.
  6. What do you think Rufi? This project off the rails perhaps?
  7. I've just published the last chapter of Let There Be Light, which completes my life's work. You can read it online here: https://www.walkingbythespirit.co.uk/lettherebelight/16-cometopass.html The Word Will Come to Pass A couple of weeks back, I was sitting in my armchair, looking at the bible on the coffee table and then over at my book, Walking by the Spirit, which was sitting on a small table near the door. My life's work is in that book. I'm nearly 61 years old now. I've grown old. What will happen to the word I've given my lift to when I die? While I mulled this over, it occurred to me that Jesus Christ must have had the same thoughts when he dying on the cross. What did he have to show for his life? He didn't have a ministry going, he didn't have a home church, he hadn't written any books, Peter had denied him, and all his disciples had run away. What must he have thought looking around him as he died? Did it cross his mind perhaps that the word he had given his life to might be lost after his death? That evening, I understood more deeply than ever before the truth that God does not dwell in temples made with hands. The future of the human race, the future of planet earth, the destiny of eternity isn't dependent on me. I can't do God's job for him. Jesus Christ understood that as well. He knew the future of the human race wasn't in his hands either, that it was in God's hands, that God had it covered. That's why he gave his life when he had absolutely nothing to show for it. God set before Jesus Christ what he had to do and he did it. Jesus Christ fulfilled his calling, the job God had given him to do. He gave his life for you and me. That was his part in God's plan. I began my search for truth in 1977 while sailing up the Gulf of Aqaba. God was there when I cried out for help, and he saved my life at the very spot where Moses parted the Red Sea. I was just 19 years old. In 1998, God asked me to write a book. I've done that. That was my life's calling. That was my part in all this. I'm no longer afraid of the future. I'm no longer afraid of growing old. I'm no longer afraid of death. I'm no longer afraid of the word being lost after my death. Jesus Christ wasn't afraid either. He knew God had it covered and he let his life go. He had nothing to show for his life when he let it go. He had nothing. All his disciples had run away. He hadn't even written a book. I've written a book. It's in the senses realm. It's real, it's tangible, it's here, a manual on how to read the bible and understand it. It isn't a replacement for the bible, it's simply an instruction manual on how to read it. It has taken me 40 years to research and write it and bring it into the senses realm. That book is here. You can hold it in your hands, you can open it and you can read it. The truth is available for the first time in nearly two thousand years. Am I concerned that this truth will die with me? A couple of weeks back, I was, and it was a very real fear. This is the fear that drives men to build organisations to house the word they have given their lives to. That's what drove John Wesley to construct chapels everywhere he went. He was afraid the word would be lost after his death so he constructed chapels to put that word into. That's the fear that drives men to construct religious ministries and organisations and staff them with leadership. That's the fear that drives men to construct broken cisterns which can hold no water. That's how the spirit of error works. It's all based on fear. Fear is the corner stone of religion. Jesus Christ was not afraid when he was hanging on the cross. He knew the future of the human race was in God's hands, not his, and he let his life go. The future of the human race isn't in my hands either. My job, my calling, my part in all this was to research and write a book. I've written three. The future is in God's hands, not mine. I don't care if I don't have a ministry. I don't care if I don't have a religious organisation to put my religion into. The word is going to come to pass, that's it. The events recorded in the book of Revelation will come to pass. Jesus Christ will return to earth to gather the saints. I will be raised from the dead should I die before his return. It is all written and it will all come to pass. After my dinner this evening, while enjoying a cup of coffee in my armchair, watching flames of fire dancing on the logs in the wood burner, God showed me that this chapter will be the final chapter of my life's work, that there is no more for me to write. It has taken me an hour to finally restrain the tears. My whole life and ministry and calling was to dig out the truth and publish it in a book. It has taken me over 40 years and half a million words to do it. I will not forsake the fountain of living waters. I will not hew out a broken cistern to put the word God has taught me into. I will not construct a temple made with hands because I'm afraid the word will die with me. I will not commit the evils Jeremiah warned us of thousands of years ago. Hey, want to know something I learned this week? All my life I've had this hazy, nebulous idea that God is somewhere out there in the vastness of space, lost among the stars, way out there in the universe in someplace called heaven, somewhere way beyond my comprehension. Well, God showed me this week that this is not the case. That's looking in the wrong direction. God isn't up there in the astronomical, he is down in the microscopical among the atoms, among the protons, neutrons and electrons that all matter is built from. That's where the spiritual world is, not lost out there somewhere in space. That's why God is everywhere. Atoms and molecules are the building blocks of everything. The senses realm is built from the microscopical universe outwards. The senses realm is but an outgrowth from the spiritual world resident down in the atomic universe. After my death, the world is going to pull my life to pieces and portray me as perhaps the most evil cunt that has ever lived on planet earth. They will dig into my past to find every little piece of dirt they can find and then tear me to pieces to put people off the word I spent my life searching for. I will be one of the most hated men that has ever lived. I don't give a fuck. I don't give a fuck about Lucifer, his big mouth, his ego or his crap world. The word says that greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world. If but one person is born again and raised from the dead as a result of my work that will make my entire life worthwhile. This life is but a moment, eternity is forever. The future isn't in religious organisations or ministries, the future is in home churches that are self governing, self propagating, and self supporting. God let me know this evening that there is now enough truth printed in my books for anyone anywhere on earth to learn how to walk by the spirit and establish a church in their home. We each have a job to do and I've played my part. I have fulfilled my calling, I have run my course with joy. The word will come to pass.
  8. Wooo a 20th Anniversary cruise, don't forget your camera, and have a wonderful time. Congrats to you both.
  9. The lighting is good, very atmospheric. I never did get my head around city type levels, I'll stick to jungles, much easier. they do make for a good raid though, especially with all those windows you can't get into but through which you can see inside. You're still enjoying your level buildings, that's the main thing.
  10. I'm just back from a walk along the shore. It's gorgeous again, but it was frosty Don't like the cold, but the light is really good for photos this time of year. Looking forward to summer again now. Nope, you're right, I've never heard of Escape to the Country
  11. Hi Gill, this is just self defence, don't worry about it. Bullies like the BBC are too used to everyone being scared of them. My dad died over a year back. He was 86, he had a long life. How are you anyway?
  12. That's the second of this teaching series published, I'll check it for typos tomorrow. You can read it here for now: https://www.walkingbythespirit.co.uk/lettherebelight/15-sword2.html
  13. My dad was old and I was looking after him. When he died last year, I wondered what to do with his television. I never watched it. I haven't watched television in over 25 years, perhaps longer. I just don't watch television, period, ever, not on a phone, not on a computer and not on an iPad. Thought I'd better do the right thing though, and applied to the BBC for a licence exemption. I was thinking about perhaps using dad's television for watching DvDs. I got a licence exemption through the post from the BBC, and thought, okay, that's sorted. Since receiving that exemption certificate, I've had over half a dozen threatening warning letters from the BBC informing me that my house isn't licensed and I face heavy fines or imprisonment if I watch television without a licence. I phoned them, told them I had an exemption certificate, and the guy on the phone said they had no record of it. He then threatened me with fines and imprisonment if I watched television without a licence. I told him to fuck off and put the phone down. I got a letter this morning telling me an enforcement officer would be visiting my house soon, and I had better licence my house or face heavy fines or imprisonment. Here's my dad's television. I smashed it up this morning, stuck it up in the front garden and painted it for everyone to see. I wonder what he would say if he were still alive to see this? His estate hasn't even been settled yet. If the BBC want a fight, they will fucking get one. I read the bible. I believe the bible. I believe the bible is the truth. It is my human right to believe that the bible is the truth. I find it interesting that God told Moses to execute homosexuals. God told Moses to stone them to death, not give them jobs at the BBC. Perhaps God knew what he was talking about. I suppose the homos and lesbians will call me a hater and homophobic. I’m not homophobic, I’m not afraid of them in the slightest, which is what a phobia is. As to hating, the truth is hate to those who hate truth. It’s time we came back to God and his word and believed it again.
  14. I've been thinking about installing a water purifier. I'll look into it.
  15. This is the stuff they put in toothpaste and in our water supplies. It's rat poison. Buy toothpaste that doesn't have flouride in it. We need to source clean water.
  16. When I'm out and the light is good I always walk around in Aperture Priority so I can control the depth of field. With a wide angled lens, aperture priority is almost a no brainer, but when hand holding long telephotos you have to keep an eye on the shutter speeds your camera is selecting. The rule of thumb for a decent shutter speed to minimise the risk of motion blur is 1.5x focal length. With a 200mm lens, 1.5 x the focal length is 300, so the slowest shutter speed you should consider is 1/300th of a second. If the light is good, select your preferred aperture and take a test shot. If the camera selects a shutter speed faster than 1/300th of a second, you can shoot away in aperture priority and not have to worry about blurry pictures. If you have image stabilisation, that's even better. If the shutter speed is slower than 1/300th of second, which on a bad light day is likely, you might have to go manual and crank up the ISO for sharp images.If you're using a wide angled lens, things are much simpler. I use the Fuji 16-55mm, so at the long end 1.5 x 55mm is just over 1/80th of a second. At 16mm, 1.5 x focal length is 24, so 1/24th of a second would do me. If I set my aperture to f5.6 and the shutter speed is 1/500th to 1/800th of a second or more, I can shoot away in aperture priority and simply forget about camera settings as I know every single photo will be sharp regardless of which aperture I choose. This leaves me free to control depth of field, and I trust my camera to control shutter speeds and ISO. My Fuji cameras perform brilliantly in this regards, they never let me down. All the photos in this tutorial were taken in aperture priority using spot metering with the Fuji X-T1 and the Fuji 16-55mm. I like spot metering, because I can move the camera around until I find the exposure I want, then half press the shutter button to get a focus and exposure lock, and then move the camera for composition before taking the photo. A shallow depth of field, achieved by opening your aperture to its widest, referred to as its fastest setting, which with my Fuji 16-55mm is f/2.8, allows me to control the bokeh, which is the lovely creamy out of focus background you can achieve with fast glass. This photo was shot wide open to throw the background completely out of focus. Being able to create gorgeous bokeh like this is why you spend lots of money on expensive glass. On the other hand, if you're shooting a landscape, you don't want a shallow depth of field, you want everything in focus. In this next photo of a boat chugging up the River Brora towards the harbour, everything is in focus from the foreground to the horizon. Being in aperture priority allows me to control this depth of field. Most photographers I know, and most professional photographers I've talked to, walk around in aperture priority if the light is good so they can control depth of field. In the first photo above, only the wee guy on the swing is in focus. This was achieved by opening the aperture as wide as the camera would allow, in this case f/2.8. I also moved in close to the subject to throw more of the background out of focus. This is known as a shallow depth of field. Closing your aperture, say to f/8 would bring more of the foreground and the background into focus, and with wide angled lenses would probably bring everything into focus, which is ideal for landscapes. In this next photo, I wanted all the foreground in focus as the gorgeous soft winter light was creating extremely pleasing shadows running through the photo from right to left, giving it an unusual feeling. The wave that is about to break also adds power to the image, so I wanted that sort of in focus a little bit as well. I certainly didn't want it creamed out because its power is important. The horizon isn't an issue as you can only just make it out behind the wave, and the clouds looked soft naturally, so I chose an aperture of f/7 at 16mm to get what I wanted in focus. There is nothing in this photo of the beach that was an accident. I stood there for ages just looking, took half a dozen test shots and checked each one in camera until I knew exactly what I wanted. That wave that's about to break extends across the whole photo. That was not an accident, that's what I wanted, and I kept taking photos until I got that. The curved shell in the foreground is the only shelI in the photo and it's placed exactly where I wanted it placed, leading your eye into the photo towards the sea. I also tried the camera at a few different heights above the sand to find the perspective I thought would best suit the feel of the image. The tilting rear screen is fabulous for that as I can hold the camera down near the ground and see what I'm doing. There was no post processing done to the image other than a slight colour and contrast adjustment to give the clouds a little more texture to balance the composition. I also studied this next photo for some time and took test shots. The shell curving towards the centre balanced by the seaweed on the right curving the opposite way was intended. I also liked the two yellow shells in the middle foreground. However, the big stone this end of the shell ruins the photo as it unbalances the composition. Were I to take this shot again, I would remove that stone. The composition would also benefit by having the large shell and the seaweed both on a vertical third by moving the camera to the right. The image was desaturated slightly, but I brushed out the desaturation on the big shell using a layer mask to bring back all of its colour. This helps to focus and hold your eye. I don't particularly like the yellow shell top left, as it draws your eye away from where I want your eye to be, which is on the shell. I could photoshop it out I suppose, but this isn't a keeper, and it serves well to illustrate flaws. You never take perfect photos every time, it's all trial and error, but the more you practice, the better your eye becomes. As we are on the subject of Photoshop, we might as well handle it here. Photoshop is a tool, and sometimes it can be extremely handy. Take this photo of a crab shell for example. The stones poking out of the image along its edges ruin the photo as they take your attention away from the subject and push your eyes out of the image altogether. Our job as photographers is to catch eyes and hold them in our images. Photoshopping those offending stones out of the photo completely changes the image. Try it and see. Stare at the photo above and you will find your eyes keep going to the stones poking out of the right edge, the top, and sometimes even the bottom edge. Your eyes can't seem to focus on the crab, they want to look at those stupid stones. Stare at the photo below and your eyes stay on the crab's shell. This isn't an optical illusion, it's the power of composition. It is our job as photographers to compose images that hold a person's eye and Photoshop is a powerful tool that can help us to do that. This photo also has a similar serious flaw - the stone poking out the bottom of the image. The stupid thing pulls your eye away from the subject. The photo does not work with that stone there. The more I looked at this image, the more I really didn't want to drag it to the recycle bin and dump it. I felt the image was too good to throw away, so I took it into Photoshop and was able to crop the stone out. Cropping also moved the shell down onto the lower horizontal third and centred it, greatly improving the composition. Now your attention remains fixed on the shell and the creamy surf bubbling around it. Photoshop is an extremely versatile, powerful and useful photographic tool. You don't need the full Photoshop to work on photos. I use Photoshop Elements 15. Now yes, it's better to compose your images when you take them so you don't need to remove stuff, but sometimes you just can't see flaws until you open the files on your computer and see them on the big screen. Besides, there are always birds as black specks in skies, sheep as white specks in fields and other flaws that need to be removed, so learn to use the basic tools in Photoshop to improve your photos. In this last photo I wanted all attention on the sand encrusted dead root of the seaweed stalk.To do that I opened the aperture and moved in close to completely cream out the background. I had such a shallow depth of field that the back of the rock is also creamed out, and it's only inches away. However, the depth of field is not so shallow that parts of the seaweed roots are out of focus. To achieve this I used an aperture of f/6.4. This might not seem quite wide enough for the aperture considering I could open it to f2.8, but as I was extremely close to the subject I had to select an aperture that ensured all of the roots were in focus. I particularly like the vivid green living seaweed which the dead seaweed is served on. Yes, I picked the dead seaweed up off the beach and arranged it on the rock for effect. Curves and spirals are a dream to work with, and the curves in the image are not accidental. Depth of field is perhaps the most powerful photographic tool we have for composing photos, so it is well worth learning how to use. Now to real life. This first photo is a landscape and everything is in focus. The second photo of the bee was taken with the aperture opened right up. The depth of field is so shallow that the bee itself melts into the bokeh and only the flower is in focus. Have fun with depth of field!
  17. The Sword of the Spirit I have never taught on the sword of the spirit before. After listening to hundreds of live and recorded teachings on the subject, and writing up voluminous notes, in my heart I knew I still had no idea what this verse was talking about. How does the sword of the spirit apply to real life? In the past, if there was no way to avoid reading this verse during a teaching, I would quickly skim past it and move on. I don't think I've even mentioned the sword of the spirit in my two previous classes, Walking by the Spirit and Teachings in the Key of Life. If I do not understand something, I will not teach it. If you want to listen to mindless sermons by men who don't understand the bible, go to church. One point of view that came up during all those teachings I listened to was that this sword of the spirit wasn't really a sword at all, it was a javelin, and that this section of Ephesians is allegorical and illustrates competition rather than warfare. Is that so? Devil spirits don't regard this as a game. This flood, which refers to the flood of Noah's day, almost destroyed the human race. It was the devil who declared war on us and it was the devil who flooded the earth to try to exterminate men. Today, everyone knows that many ancient civilisations simply disappeared off the face of the earth around the same time. They scratch their heads and come up theory after theory about where they all went, but it's really no mystery, they all drowned. Only Noah and his family survived. That's the truth. When the earth was flooded, there was just one huge ocean with no land anywhere. The waters were 15 cubits higher than the top of the highest mountain. So where did all that water go? If there is land now, all that water had to go somewhere. The word says the earth opened her mouth and swallowed it. This reference to the earth opening its mouth and swallowing all that water indicates a crack in the earth's crust down which all that water drained. By the way, according to the bible, it was after this event that Pangaea broke apart. Yes. I know that contradicts the world, but I don't give a fuck, the bible is truth and the world is full of shit. You make up your own mind on what truth is. This is not a game, we are at war. The sword of the spirit is not a javelin, it is a sword. A sword is a weapon. Anyone who contradicts the bible and inserts their private interpretations of it, and then teaches their doctrines of men as truth can go and fuck themselves. Do you think Jesus Christ thought he was playing games during the two days he was tortured and beaten to a pulp before being crucified? I often see scriptures posted on Facebook, Twitter, forums and other places, and for some reason they are always nice scriptures about nice things. You know, God is wonderful and loves us kind of stuff, with pretty flowers, nice scenery and cute animals. Hey, if your life is under attack, you're going to need something a bit more substantial than pretty flowers, nice scenery and cute animals to keep you alive. People carried swords for two reasons. The obvious one was when going into battle, but they also carried swords in civilian life for self defence. We can see this in the gospels. Peter was carrying a sword when Jesus Christ was arrested. In Jesus Christ's day and in Paul's day, it was normal for people to carry swords for self defence. Therefore, this figurative reference in Ephesians to the word of God being a sword tells us that the word of God can be used either as an offensive weapon or as a weapon of self defence. Romans shows us how the word of God can be used as an offensive weapon. In the book of Acts, we can see Peter and Paul using the word as an offensive weapon to fight against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness from on high. Here is Peter in action. Still think this is a game we're playing? Here is Paul wielding the sword of the spirit as an offensive weapon. There are many records where men of God used the sword of the spirit as an offensive weapon to destroy the works of the devil, but there are also records where we can see the sword being used in self defence. When the devil tempted Jesus Christ with the world and all its glory, Jesus Christ responded with it is written. He fought for his life by quoting scripture. Jesus Christ didn't carry a bible and a concordance around with him. He had the word in his head. He had memorised so many scriptures that no matter what came his way he could use the sword of the spirit to defend himself and attack his enemies. He knew how to defend himself with the sword of the spirit, and he knew how to fight back. In the following example, the church leaders accused him of breaking the laws of men as if they were the laws of God. Jesus Christ did not know ahead of time this attack would be coming. When these religious men marched up and publicly accused him of what they considered to be evil, he had the right scriptures memorised to counter their attack. Did he throw pretty flowers at them? Did he look at them and say, well, God loves me, and walk away with his head down? Those religious bastards didn't regard what they were doing as a game. They were looking for an excuse to kill him. On another occasion, the religious leaders actually managed to conjure up a situation where they knew there were no scriptures Jesus Christ could use. It is likely these religious leaders set this woman up and arranged to have her dragged before Jesus Christ so they could catch him out in his words. This time they knew there were no scriptures he could use to counter their attack. Moses does state very clearly in the law that women taken in adultery should be stoned. They knew he couldn't possibly contradict Moses, so they knew he couldn't wield a scripture at them this time. If he contradicted Moses, they would have been able to level the crime of blasphemy at him, a charge that carried the death penalty. Jesus Christ's response is staggering. He doodled in the dust on the ground. There were no scriptures, he knew that, so attempting to respond with it is written would have put his life at risk. He wanted to help that woman, but he had no idea what to say. So, he doodled in the dust on the ground while he thought things through and waited for an answer from God on how best to deal with the situation. Forgiveness was the issue. God's forgiveness has always been available, and it is still available to everyone to this day. Forgiveness was available to that woman, but Moses does state that adulterers were to be stoned and he couldn't possibly contradict that. The word is quick and powerful and sharper than any two edged sword only when we wield it with precision. Go and sin no more. See, she was given another chance. God's forgiveness is always available to us. That's what the religious leaders didn't understand. Religion turns people into cold, heartless, self righteous horrid creatures. How do I know? Been there, done that. You think you're so right about everything, and all you can find is fault in everyone. Religion is a disease. Thankfully, it's curable. Remove the cause and the symptoms will gradually disappear. If you leave your horseshit churches, religions, and ministries constructed by men, and stay well away from all your religious friends who think they are so right about everything, your heart will eventually heal. If you want a relationship with God, get out of religion, avoid all forms of religious organisations constructed by men, and steer well clear of religious men like those scribes and Pharisees so you don't catch their foul diseases. Let's now read the section in Ephesians where it talks about the armour of God and the sword of the spirit. Ephesians does not say we are strong in ourselves. The devil isn't intimidated by cruise missiles, tanks, or the latest fighter aircraft. You can throw stones at him, fire missiles and bullets at him, shake your fists and scream at the sky as much as you like, all it will do is make him laugh. If you wander through life with an inane smile plastered to your face with nothing but nice scriptures about nice things in your head, and think that's wielding the sword of the spirit, you are clueless about the spiritual nature of the world you live in. To defeat spiritual wickedness from on high, we have to be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. Jesus Christ is our Lord and we have Christ in us, so to be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might is to walk by the spirit with Christ as our head and energise the Christ in us. Ephesians then tells us we are to put on the armour of God. Our fight isn't against flesh and blood, it is against the principalities, the powers, the rulers of the darkness of this world, the spiritual wickedness from on high. The devil and his spirits hate us. They have declared war on us. They want us dead. Jesus Christ made it very clear what the devil's will is. If we want protection from all this stealing, killing and destroying, we must put on the armour of God to protect ourselves. The only way we can prevail in life as children of God is to be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might, and to have on the armour of God. Putting on armour doesn't stop attacks, it protects us from them. Armour protects different parts of the body, so we have to put it all on to be fully protected. Our loins is our midriff, where our legs join our body, and includes the groin area. The loins is where the strength and vigour of our bodies resides. We are to gird our loins with truth. This obviously doesn't mean we strap bibles around our bodies, it's a figurative reference to our thoughts. We put the word on in our minds until our thoughts are armour plated. Our wills and our commitments are to be girded with truth. The breastplate protects our chest, where our hearts beat. The breastplate of righteousness protects our heart. Everything we believe comes from our heart, and how we build believing hearts is with armour plated thoughts. The word keep is the word guard. It's a military term. How we guard our hearts is by having our thoughts armour plated with truth and having on the breastplate of righteousness. It is from our hearts that life issues, that life flows from. Believing flows from our hearts, and our believing determines our lives. We must protect our hearts with the breastplate of righteousness. No matter what the devil tries to condemn us with, no matter what he throws at us from our past, we hold onto the righteousness of God. I am righteous, not because of anything I've ever done, but because God through Jesus Christ made me righteous. This teaching is for me as well as you. My past causes me all sorts of anguish when I don't have on the breastplate of righteousness. These last few weeks while working this teaching have been particularly difficult because of things in my past that kept coming to my mind. Sometimes it isn't easy to drag your thoughts out of your past. I've been struggling so badly recently, that last night Father suggested I watch a movie. The Railway Man is a movie about a man who had been tortured as a prisoner by a particular Japanese soldier during World War 2, and who went back after the war to kill him. Powerful story, but the movie also shows you how much that Japanese soldier suffered with guilt after the war because of the things he had done. I've never done anything even remotely as bad as that Japanese soldier did. In comparison, what do I have to feel guilty about? The movie helped me to overcome remorse and guilt. And what about the Apostle Paul? Look at the things he did to people before he was born again. If he can put his past behind him, anyone can. Paul tortured people in prison, even women, and had them put to death. What do you think that must have done to him at times? Only the breastplate of righteousness can protect our hearts from our pasts. Paul put his past behind him. We all have to put our pasts behind us. That's putting on the breastplate of righteousness. Here's how Paul put it in Corinthians. Here is a man wearing the breastplate of righteousness. What's next in Ephesians? This means that our actions, our feet, where we go in life, must track with the word. That takes preparation. No one can learn the word without preparation, it's impossible. I was trained as a TA soldier by the Parachute Regiment. Have you any idea how much I had to prepare both physically and mentally before I was awarded a red beret? It's the same with the word, we have to prepare. It isn't the absence of sin that floods our lives with the things of God, it is diligently and faithfully hiding the word in our hearts so that eventually we don't sin. That takes preparation, it takes work, it takes commitment, and it takes time. We are to prepare our thoughts until everything we think and do tracks with the word. The bible does not tell us to be obedient to religious ministries, organisations and churches constructed by men, but that is what they will tell you the bible says to do. They will tell you that their leader gets revelation from God and so following their leader is being obedient to Christ. We bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ by being obedient to the Christ in us. We learn to walk by the spirit with Christ as our head. A shield is a defence against attack. Warriors of old used shields to deflect arrow, sword, axe, and lance strikes. A shield protects us from weapon strikes that mean to kill us or cause us serious harm. The shield of believing protects us from the fiery darts that come at us from the spirit realm. The devil has declared war on us and he wants us dead. If he can't kill us, he does everything he can to break our hearts and make our lives as miserable as possible. Those fiery darts are very real. This is no game we are playing. The devil doesn't come to play games. The last piece of armour we must put on is the helmet. A helmet protects our head. Salvation is what we received at the time of the new birth. We have eternal life, and nothing in the spiritual realm or in the physical realm can take that away from us. Being fully persuaded of this is having on the helmet of salvation. Even death itself cannot defeat us. Understanding this protects our heads and because of that protection we can live with no fear of death. We have the victory. I'm not afraid of death, not in the slightest. Get the helmet of salvation onto your head and you won't be afraid of it either. When Jesus Christ comes back, we will be there. We absolutely need this armour of God for protection, we need the shield of believing to deflect those fiery darts, and we need the sword of the spirit so we can strike back. Fighting against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness from on high is something we do, not something God does for us. Armour plating our thoughts is something we do, God doesn't do it for us. He went to a lot of trouble to have the bible written so we could know these things. Clothed with the armour of God, having the shield of believing, and with the sword of the spirit in our grasp, we can soundly defeat every challenge that comes our way.
  18. Any typos you find, I'd appreciate having them pointed out so I can correct them. Here is the link to the published version at the website: https://www.walkingbythespirit.co.uk/lettherebelight/14-sword.html
  19. I think it needs distance fog. Hmmmm, but what colour?
  20. Here was an area of lvl 3 a few weeks back, followed by a screenshot of how it looks now. Next I need to put in the gameplay, and then I need to finish the lighting and get some objects in and test it. The hard part is done, now it's the fun bit for a while, then onto the next area.
  21. This is a video I put together about Moses and the parting of the Red Sea.
  22. Hello mate, good to see you again
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    This has caused a bit of a stir over on Facebook, so thought I'd add this Facebook post of mine to this thread, keep things in perspective.
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