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Mr Robin

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Was doing the garden one day. Bit of weeding, nothing serious, just tidying up. Was sitting on the doorstep, enjoying the sun, having a wee rest, when a robin fledgling hopped over and perched on the toe of my boot. Wee fella, not long out of the nest, all on his own.

Then I spotted the worm under my boot. Shuffled my foot to one side, and Mr Robin hopped down, grabbed the worm in his beak and hopped off to have some scoff.

Me, I nipped upstairs to get my camera. So there I was, lying on the garden path, taking piccies of Mr Robin. Folks walking up and down the road must have thought I was mad. If you want decent photos of wildlife, you have to get down on their level. Lying on the ground might feel a little strange to begin with, and the neighbours might think you’re mad, but once you see the photos you’ll get over it.






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