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Down with a tree

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Loved this old silver birch, but he was getting too big. Not only was he blocking all the light to the back of the house, causing damp and keeping the back bedroom and the kitchen in a perpetual twilight, but he was also starting to cause concern regarding the telephone cables. Whenever there was a storm, the branches would brush the BT telephone lines quite severely. Its roots were also damaging the patio stones at the back of the house, forcing them up from the ground. Unfortunately, he had to go. The sparrows crowded in the hedge and watched. Must have been quite entertaining for them. I’m sure they were more concerned about what was going to happen to the peanut feeder, but they needn’t have worried, it’s still there. Here is a before and after. Can you spot the difference?


The light into the back of the house now is astonishing. I had no idea it was blocking so much light. I’ve left about 6 ft of the tree standing, and I’m hoping it will sprout new life which I’ll be able to prune into a gorgeous but manageable silver birch bush.




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