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  1. Rufierto


    Cash or check?
  2. Rufierto


    Thanks for the 2 sun bulbs idea, it helped to fix the issue I was having. I wish I knew about that sooner. It is too late for me to use that in the first 2 levels, I have been warned against adding a single bulb to those levels. 26 mil. allocation buffer each. They are done, I am not touching them.
  3. Rufierto


    Place a shadow bulb, then right click one of the colored squares at the bottom of the editor, that is how you change the color of a shadow. I did not know about 2 sun bulbs though.
  4. Rufierto


    I am having problems getting the desired effect with my shadow bulbs. With a red light, there should be green shadow, my sun bulbs are on the red side, I click on red on the shadows, and it gives off the desired green shadow in the area. Problem is, when Lara steps into the shadow she only reflects the sun bulb, the reddish light and not the green. I cannot find a good tutorial on shadowing anywhere. Any help here would be appreciated.