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  1. Liz

    Chance meeting with a Shag

    What a fab bird. He looks very noble. Love the detail on his wings. Wonderful structures!
  2. Liz

    Anatomy of a Landscape

    Great stuff George. I'm hopeless at taking photographs. Keep up the good work! One day I will learn.
  3. Liz


    Love puffins
  4. Liz

    Liz's photographs..

    It was Russia that did it!!!!!!!! Just had a visit from two young American guys in my house. One has father who is a pastor...long lost relative of the family. Met him before. Good chat with them both. Off to warm up now as out in the rain to see them off.
  5. Liz

    Liz's photographs..

    This arrived today. Delighted with it. I have a few translations...including my John Brown family bible.
  6. Liz


    You'll be building Tomb Raider and listening to David Gilmour at the same time..I can just picture you! Jesus Christ will come back with a shout. Is the world ready for him? I know a lot of people who are not. Just hit me how shocking it will be...for those who don't believe. And with that thought I will go to sleep
  7. Liz


    Wonderful. The colours are quite dramatic though, really stand out in that shot. Nice one!
  8. Liz


    Looks chilly, to say the least. Portgower beach, boulders not sand with some huge rock formations out to sea. Makes for high, surfing like waves. Must do better at capturing the moments lol!
  9. Liz

    Scripture Printz

    I was reading that chapter last night. Great choice of scripture. The book...not bad at all!
  10. Liz


    It works well. Could do with sitting in a jacuzzi myself lol.
  11. Liz


    Looks like he is in a warm jacuzzi... great photo.
  12. Liz

    Scripture Printz

    Peace is good. Great photo!
  13. Liz


    Lovely girl.
  14. Liz

    Scripture Printz

    Wonderful x
  15. Liz


    Two words came into my mind when I saw this..God's creation. Wonderful photograph George. Best one yet I think. Cheered me up. It's been a difficult night.