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  1. George

    Liz's photographs..

    Bees like Elizabeths for making honey?
  2. George

    Scripture Printz

    And another one.
  3. George

    Scripture Printz

    Good start to the day.
  4. ... you're sure of a big surprise.
  5. George

    Scripture Printz

    I like this image as it pretty much sums up my life before I found a better way. This one will be going on my wall so I never forget what I was rescued from.
  6. George

    Scripture Printz

    I think it's too limiting having only one scripture per print available, so I'm going to make 5 scriptures per print, to give folks more of a choice. This print is now available with two scriptures as well as a print without a scripture. I've picked out this one without a scripture to add to my living room.
  7. George

    The GDPR

    The criminals are already at work. If you go to a Google approved site, it shows up as 'secure' in your browser. If you go to my site, it shows up as 'not secured' in your browser. Won't be long before private sites will be closed down for being 'insecure', ie, not approved by Google.
  8. George

    Liz's photographs..

    Sounds like they know it's almost time to go and they're getting excited about their big adventure. I think it's north Africa they fly to, not entirely sure.
  9. George


  10. George

    Liz's photographs..

    That's quite a distinctive little brown streak down his white breast. If that stays, should be easy to spot him.
  11. George

    Liz's photographs..

    Special times hey I still don't have a single photo of a hedgehog