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  2. Golspie to Brora coastal walk

    Great pics George.
  3. It was such a gorgeous day, and there was some real warmth in the sun. Felt like stretching the legs, so hopped onto a train to Golspie and walked back to Brora along the coast. Here’s Golspie looking back from near the Big Burn. And here’s the coastline, looking towards the point at Strathsteven. The birds were enjoying the sunshine. It’s been a stormy couple of weeks. Here’s Mr Mallard paddling around in Golspie Burn. Dunrobin Castle was looking good. I do wish them another record breaking year for visitors. Well worth the entrance fee to see the castle, the gardens, and the amazing falconry displays. The snow drops were out in Dunrobin Wood. I love this time of year, watching everything come to life, with the whole summer ahead. Here’s Mr oyster catcher enjoying the sun, propped up on one leg. I’ve no idea how that can be comfortable. Further along the coast I found myself in a once in a lifetime close up and personal encounter with a shag, a bird I’ve been dreaming about photographing for years. Once he realised I wasn’t going to eat him, he settled down and seemed quite happy to pose for the camera. He’s probably exhausted after two weeks of storms. These shags were sunning themselves somewhere near The Coves. What happened next was hilarious! I guess they weren’t expecting it and didn’t see it coming. It’s good to laugh. I was tired by the time I got back to Brora. Getting fit again after 10 years takes a lot of work. That’s the point in front of the Radio Station just along the coast. Spotted my first daffodils on the way home, on the bank by the bridge. Lovely way to end the walk. Here’s to a wonderful summer! All these photos are available as royalty free stock from ScottishBrochs.com
  4. Image Stabilisation ON

    So, there I was, in a once in a lifetime close up and personal encounter with a shag, a bird I’ve been dreaming about photographing for years. And there he was. And every photo I was taking was out of focus. I must have taken 50 photos, and they were all out of focus. I couldn’t understand it. I kept checking aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focus settings, everything. Sure, I was using the Fuji 100-400mm, but the shutter speed wasn’t that slow. Couldn’t understand it. With a sinking heart, I checked all the external dials and buttons and switches one last time and found the problem. Hey, don’t ever forget to switch the image stabilisation on if you’re hand holding a long telephoto and want photos like this.
  5. Back to work

    Nice!! You are a man of many talents that's for sure.
  6. Back to work

    Would be good to show you around Todd. Plenty to see here. Yep, still playing my guitar as well. Here's one of my songs.
  7. Carroll broch

    No wonder you like Tomb Raider so much! Your an explorer at heart.
  8. Back to work

    One of these days I'm going to have to come visit you George! Always wanted to see Scotland. Just need to save up some money.
  9. Back to work

    Nice!! You still doing your music also? I thought it was pretty good.
  10. Earlier
  11. Birds

    Yea, but those guys are mean!! They are pretty though. Nothing like you have there though.
  12. Back to work

    Been having fun in Photoshop
  13. Birds

    I bet you do, somewhere! You have Bluejays!
  14. Birds

    Nice shots there George. Wish we had birds as beautiful as those here in the states.
  15. Back to work

    I'm going back to work. Excited now.
  16. Birds

    Here's Mr Pigeon sitting in his tree, watching Brora life. He doesn't like Mr Guts.
  17. Reflections

    One thing I always look out for when there is no wind is water. When water is like a mirror, the photo opportunities can be amazing. There I was, wandering along the single track road towards Loch Brora, when I noticed water. It was like a mirror. I always stop when water is like a mirror. Then a sheep wandered over and started grazing. It kept its eyes on me while it ate. It never took its eyes from me. As it came closer towards the mirror pond, I saw a photo. It isn't just the reflections here, or the amazing lines, it's the sheep's beady eyes, giving it an appearance of aggressiveness you never see in sheep. Mirrored reflections can even make photos of sheep worth looking at.
  18. The Pap

    The Pap has been added to the brochs library. Nothing interesting to see above ground, but perhaps one day it will be excavated and what's left of it preserved. I knocked on the door of the retirement home and asked for access, and I was escorted through the home. I think I'd recommend approaching from the farmland to the west and north though, as there are barbed wire fences to negotiate with no gates from the home into the fields. http://www.scottishbrochs.com/maps2/thepap.html
  19. Birds

    Wonderful. The colours are quite dramatic though, really stand out in that shot. Nice one!
  20. Birds

    Not quite as dramatic as your crashing waves today Liz, but I did meet this chap today. I've waited 10 years for a decent piccie of a pheasant, and now I have one. Photography can quite take your breath away sometimes.
  21. Liz's photos...

    Lol..considering I was holding on to the dog on a lead with one hand and wind and spray all over the place.
  22. Liz's photos...

  23. Liz's photos...

    Was nearly swept away..lighting poor but you get the idea
  24. Carroll broch

    This is where my brochs photographic adventure all began, back in 2009, nearly 10 years ago.
  25. Brora beach

    Really nice colors there George.
  26. Architecture

    The River Brora. The seasons change so quickly.
  27. Welcome to brochs

    Only two forums needed here, one for chat about brochs, and one for documenting field trips. I'll soon be able to get back to work travelling the Highlands documenting the brochs of Scotland, can't wait.
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